• "Alina is a delight to work with - cheerful, creative, articulate and fun - all the attributes of a good team player. I have had the pleasure of working with Alina at networking events and her 'joie de vivre' brought people into Out Professionals and LYNX." 0cc6a5d

    Ruth Gursky, Nonprofit Leader & Attorney
  • "Alina has a great eye and mind for how to best communicate visually, verbally, and strategically across multiple forms of media. Simply stated - she is a brilliant designer, creative director, and strategic marketer all rolled into one." 1e87bce

    Allan Fried, CEO of Think Tank
  • "Quite simply put, Alina is one of the hardest working, most dedicated, giving people I know. She puts 110% plus into everything she does -- and her results consistently shine. I work with her every chance I get!" 2732586

    Jennifer Howd, Creative Producer
  • "Alina is hardworking, professional and passionate about everything she has produced. Alina is one of those people you want on your team. She can motivate all those she works with to get a project completed timely and perfectly." 1071780

    Dale Robyn Siegel, President and Mortgage Loan Originator at Circle Mortgage Group
  • "Alina served as one of the founding members of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce's LGBT Committee. She was instrumental in putting together events for the committee and raising awareness of the LGBT business community in NYC!" Laura Bucko

    Laura Bucko, Vice President of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • "I could go on and on about how wonderful it has been to work with Alina! She is a font of invaluable information and expertise. Alina always goes out of her way to makes sure she is creating the product that best suits my needs." 2bd5f29

    Donna Lightfoot, Owner of Lightfoot Artistry
  • "Alina is a pleasure to work with - unflappable, creative, and with a great eye for branding. She produced amazing marketing materials for a large panel discussion event we co-produced. I recommend Alina's work and her collaborative abilities." 0bceedb2

    Jennifer Brown, President, Jennifer Brown Consulting
  • "I have known Alina for nearly 20 years and she is an oustanding individual who is not only a skilled and creative designer, but a wonderful person with a collaborative spirit and team player." 001b939

    John Baez, Vice President, Integrated Marketing at MTV Networks
  • "Alina is a gifted, creative professional with the ability to take a project to the next level. She is a great listener, strategic thinker and a hard worker. We are working together on a very ambitious project that I am confident will be an amazing success!"


    Aliya Hallim-Byne, CEO of Wonder Women